The night we wandered off under the third moon’s rays

The night we wandered off under the third moon's rays

Do you remember once, when we walk between of glad faces,
The night we wandered off under the third moon’s rays
And, leaving far behind the shine life and dark social busy places,
Stood you and I with no name openly in the center without trace.

The city’s voice was hushed; under the social silence
Mirrored the fake faces across there keep the mouth shut
Out of the starry night sky provoking words libel us
Waiting for the spring already northward turned.

And breast approached the chest, seeking the safety of
My hand is uncertain hugged and insisted on holding tight.
Was left on the road to freedom in the uncertain night
For the last flowers of bliss that Nature Garden of freedom.

There, in the sweet abandon the corrupt society we live with pleasure,
Passion searching the half-open lips and tender, eyes wondering,
How free to ruminate to love and to mourn, all the treasure
Long sought across the seas and back of summer skies with no failure.

When these rich people flirt with death with dark soul in earth
They will travel to a desert place alone without glory and money saves
With deep soul will travel to the tunnel near-death catacombs flames
Two for two meters below the soil all are social equal from infinite times

From remote delirious abysses of the past
Shines your beauty once – beloved face,
Glow behind ecstasy between our blinding kisses,
We transformed fights the superstition doctrines.

Sick and mentally ill our hands will seek to save themselves from the scorching fever,
Our tongue of freedom will scream for justice, death is decision at lips
A person without goodness and soul does not need to exist.
Because we hate the darkness, admire the light, we seek the spirit
The dream comes true for your love, and my lips whispering your name.


You loved me on that peaceful moonlit night drive.
You were my idol and I the charming rebel
We are the chosen from a world of mortal men.
You loved me once. . . . What a pity for them,
You loved the world. . . Together we fight the west,
With return Caravan from the desert depths
With aura that load all the environment airs
With aromas of freedom ready to smell
Our companions from the caravan’s ports descend.
I see over the rooftops of the city
The new moon back again, but we will not see
Anyone our joy, jealousy envy all that world exists,
Human bipedal products ready to betray us,
Betray our dreams and our moonlight,
All these are our touch, our eyes, and our ideas
The bliss of the first two nights of Romanticism
Ready to devour the ignorance and nescience
The want to dispute or the will to doubt.
I would love you once. . . . According to the Eastern seas
The pale moon settles and the Muses.
Sweet goddesses of knowledge, outside the moaning of the day winds –
The time progresses, we don’t need to sleep.


Farewell, poor minds of people masa sheep’s with vain despairing!
We are few but we have the strength for peace
Keep your money and jewels
A flying faster your decay death
That cost a lesser agony to lose.

We do not need your bulling society
Who slaughters and rapes their children
Bestiality content animals and sells their dreams
Your door fiery hell is open and awaits
No hope of our hands compassion and flowers,
For that one flower that bloomed too far afield.

If anyone cries, it won’t be by abandonment,
They feel painful when killing us slowly
The blank eternity from which we waken
And all the blank eternity to come.

And I betrayed how sweet a thing and tender
(In the regret with which my lip was curled)
Seemed in its tragic,
My transit through the beauty of the world.
Do You Remember Once . . .

And those who betrayed how sweet are begging
(I do not feel any regret in my face)
Seemed hope and serenity, momentary splendor
Now the moon arises…
The night we wandered off under the third moon’s rays

© 2016 Emmanuel G. Mavros

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