Quotation – “From the Child Without a Trace of Sin” 4

Both of us were exhausted. My sweet companion had fallen into the embrace of Morpheus, the God of sleep and tranquillity. Despite my weariness, my eyes were open, staring into different parts of the room. I felt a great desire to create, to write prose and verse all morning. And thus, I slowly left the bed and on silent feet picked up paper and pencil, sat down in the glade – from where I could also admire the dawn – and begin to write feverishly…

I feel like I am back in the old days, back when we were children, the times when we were young. Everything was perfect then, all the great questions still ahead of us. The joyful days were endless, perhaps because we were young, because we were children. The sun continued to shine, perhaps because we lived for our enjoyment, perhaps because we had grasped the beauty of life. Those were the days of our lives, with few troubles, with few problems – everything was perfect, perhaps because we were young, perhaps because we were children.

My baby is crying now,
Her gentle hands lifting and embracing it.
I don’t want to tell secrets anymore,
I begin to tear, at the sight of a unique beauty.
And the voyage will continue “calmly.”
What will the voyage be?
Towards the infinite darkness of the world,
There, where everything starts
There, where everything stops
The soul is wounded,
New enemies arise.
I don’t want to tell secrets anymore.
I am stripped…
Our flowers trapped within a bowl,
Our hopes found in a wild beauty,
And all is in vain!
And the voyage will continue “calmly.”
My baby is smiling now.
I wonder…
What must I say to it?
How will it confront them?
And, when it vainly finds them,
How will it prepare?
If this voyage proves in vain,
I will look you repeatedly in the eyes,
I will approach you as far as I can,
Just to say a few words”
“Words not said, threaten,
And words said, kill.
Don’t speak!
Don’t act!

— © Emmanuel G. Mavros “From the child without a trace of sin”

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