Quotation – “From the Child Without a Trace of Sin” 2

From the Child Without a Trace of Sin

Another day in darkness,
Yet another night.
A night of return,
You came and my soul was healed,
You chased out the sadness, the loneliness,
And the silence…
Even in our coupling,
To have a hum remain,
A sound bitter, plodding and sad,
Reflected in your pale face,
Covered in guilt,
Searching for another life
Within yourself.
Yet another cry!

I waited for years,
For you to chase my shadow away
And you came,
Like the clouds, bringing life,
To cool me.
I wanted to find Man,
But I no longer wait.
There are many things I have missed,
But not the great loneliness.
A creativity,
A humanity,
A love…
A heart,
Burning like a flame.
And yet…
You were lost…
What happened to tomorrow?
Where did the dream go?
Reality has dawned.
Same rhythms,
Same words,
Boring melodies,
Deadened people!

Oh, pale moon,
Give some light
To the endless night,
To reveal the soul’s path,
It’s hidden parts
To enable me to see.
I will cry no more.
My heart is more restful.
I think never
Of the moment
When she will go away, far from my embrace.
Oh, pale moon,
Never leave her alone,
She must not learn loneliness,
Even if this heart is lost to me.

The burning flesh,
The arousing breath,
The running thought…
The flowing fluids of orgasm.
All of it…
The expression,
Not the passion,
But the love… and the Eros.
All of it…
In her I see innocence,
A child’s soul,
A great heart,
A thirst for life.
All of it…
For the later I so fear,
For the later that has become the now,
For the now that gives me joy,
For her smile,
Her eyes.
All of it…

— © Emmanuel G. Mavros “From the child without a trace of sin”

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