Quotation – “From the Child Without a Trace of Sin” 1

Up high, there, on the moon,
I sold my soul for a little water.
Twelve years of loneliness,
Seeking for some return.
There is no sun in the shadows
Of your magic.
Look now at how I slide and fly
As I gaze upon your face.
Oh, my love, where is your star,
To take me far away,
Even farther…
Where could you be?
Where could you be hiding?
Through heat and rain,
With whips and chains,
I will be flying high,
Every moment you are kissing me.
And together, with our flesh and blood as one,
We will build the tower of love,
So you can see my fly,
There, where the others are dying,
Searching for a reason even in the afterlife.
No, don’t leave.
Where do you wish to go?
I will show you the road to paradise.
This brain…
Guided to rapidly cross
A desert of misanthropes.
We both feel that the time has come.
At he time when the world will turn
And reveal destruction,
We will build our dreams.
A tower full of passion and love,
Reaching high into the heavens
Where no one will be able
To offend our innocence,
Leaving only, in one look
Of your face.
Where is your star,
That brilliant star of yours,
So I can watch you fly,
Higher and higher, for the love
That I have so missed.
My eyes see,
And feel your caresses.
Like a witch you torment my flesh,
Which thirsts for your touch.
My body…
Seeking yours,
To climb together, to reach
Higher than all the world.
No ill-played sound will be able,
No mortal will dare,
Once we have reached the highest peak,
To knock us down, thinking…
That, baby, you and I,
Will never be able
To see the dawn.
Time stands still!
And the bloody world
Sells us out…
When I see that face,
I feel I am near your star.

— © Emmanuel G. Mavros “From the child without a trace of sin”

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