Sonata (2020) Short Film

Written by Theoni Kontrafouri and Directed by: Theoni Kontrafouri and Emmanuel G. Mavros

Because, finally, I must get out of this broken-down house.

The Woman in White is reminiscing as she wanders in a lifeless home. Wife, mother, housekeeper, poet, female, mortal human… All these parts of herself no longer seem to exist but her presence still seems to be everywhere. She is inside the photos that keep the Man still, silent and indifferent in front of the TV screen. Close to her baby who needs her care and caress. Inside the reflection in the mirror when the Girl in Black looks at herself as she is struggling to figure out how to leave a home she can no longer bear. “Let me come with you…” they both ask, as a demand and a plea. And maybe, until the moon is gone from the night sky, perhaps they will have found the way that leads each of them from the darkness to light…

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Sonata - 1
Sonata - 3
Sonata - 2
Sonata - 4