Tasos Livaditis Project

"For Love and Revolution" - New Project Announced

New project is ending the development period…

“For Love and Revolution” a docudrama based on Tasos Livaditis poetry and his life events.

Tasos Leivaditis is not a poet often discussed in the English-speaking world, but he is one of the greats amongst the postwar generation of Greek writers. Much of his work is not exactly poetry, but short sayings in poetic form that often run to no more than two or three lines. His literary output is usually divided into three periods (Trakaris, 1983). Throw these periods, the project will focus on his revolutionary and love poems and how these two worlds are connected. Through his words he tries to give the chance to talk and think about power and politics without being controlled by the church or the state.

More info and plot coming soon…

For Love and Revolution