Emotion Art Entertainment

Emotion Art Group Production Company

Film Director – Exec. Producer – Writer

January 2008 – April 2011 (3 years 4 months)
Athens, Greece

Direct single camera and talents. Oversee the monologue production team
and coordinate all creative elements that support the script. Oversee edits &
footage clearances as necessary. Ensure the on-set talent is properly briefed
on all materials for segments.

Some of the Projects: 
  1. Spitfire – Underground, Taste the fire (live), Gates of Fire (live)
  2. SadDolls – Watch me crawl behind
  3. Wheelrunner – Proof of Love
  4. Dimansion – Alive
  5. Bare Infinity – Always Forever
  6. Aherusia – Lux Occulta
  7. Avith – Lilith