Goddess Ishtar - Labyrinth of the Mind

The 8th gate of Ishtar and songs of samsara eternal
met Αdad died in karmic harmony,
Your heart starts beating, sent flames in the dark
one in Thunder matrix boiling semen spirit divine and godly
as warmer water simple enshrouds,
who have not yet forgotten the eve
where souls freely fly, never rested
through them learn
beauty of blood and age of truth
while the first crown of pearls
sitting at the head of each youth ours youth virtue,
the whole world is a continent and a continent kingdom breath of wreath
snakes wearing a horror mask
the robustness of the day hiding and was so loud in the evening I thought.

In the vigor of day no cloud, in night’s creep thought so loud
dying your yawns in new life
slaves at the mercy of the mood and the wicked
while the story of bliss and conflicts of humanity
written in red on your head,
gnaw the generations who thirst for freedom
shaping the spirit, and the future of your flesh eating,
the memory of the ancient gods closed in a cold museum never taught you the truth
They will begin to recognize the voice of a woman
a Siren sings at dawn
to remind you when you return to your near-death catacombs
of truth that returned to a lie
where adrenaline pain is bare,
ignoring the fact.

The shock doctrine of birth cartoon
let snakes to witness the tears of hypocrisy
finding everything very fresh person to blame
forget the truth that the book of life gave you
and written with golden letters in Babylon funds
you are now the currency of the bank die
and a prophecy of theirs freedom of rage,
milk and madness of the Goddess of a nation
they drink your blood, their spend every sperm
dripping onto your desperate mouth, a sweet Leakage,
You will not leave you anything nor a moment of awe
nor joy, nor any sense of laughter,
would they take it and it will melt you like melted ant as you walk
while seduction claim brazenly breathe
in and out the eyes of an infant that not fault for anything
and that something don’t blame is doomed to die.

Where nothing is or dies
until you realize how the heart scars
seed pain recognize
each snake that your soul craves
betrayed of innocence theft
Giving life to reptiles that have no life
only tongues, hands, and endless rapture
ask to speak their language
While you still do not know the language of your ancestors
snakes are there and grow
Play the game of adaptation pirates
using force to vie for victory
lizards with blue and white heads
and combat uniforms for popularity and revitalization,
quickly learn that violence is the way
and the supremacy of the snake happiness and conquest
and the only law that can catch you its yours.

And the only law that can catch you is hesitation
to run and hide from a day
ignoring the poverty, misery, pain and freedom
forgetting your friends and enjoying the breath
taking trophies of false laughter
lost in the forest, cry of the moon
lost dreams still young ghost
They lure you in another life,
when your goddess Ishtar speaks the lesson of Hades
you still forget the past and shut in museums
your supernatural speaking through fire
and cutting back on your virgin diamond
the diamond is called confidence
and ass that grows in a wide couch
watching TV and blue cheep
preparing you for the promise crying
where the heart resides your loss,
In a world that will never be yours
leaving in the underworld goddess Ishtar crying.

© 2016 Emmanuel G. Mavros

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