Far away in the road, I’m riding alone
Lonely is the world
Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner over this road
Over the sun slowly starts to set and makes way for the dark,
The only think of human being
Above moonless night; is the Curse of Life?
The wind blows at a rate, starts to dance,
Awakening the demons within and outside,
Trying to control myself, rousing them to haze;
Αs I look in the mirror,
The pain rise in front my face
Blood of curse surges through my veins,
Slowly at first and then my eyes are bleed,
I realize the people’s hate;
My heart beats echo through the empty room,
When I see a baby in the blue sea,
My head starts to spin when the West murderers are free.

I feel I am dying, when I see dead bodies over the field
I see nothing, I feel the end
When the hell is getting closer and closer,
Imprisons the wind of change
Tears crash into the floor,
Cause I am alone in this change of road.

Noone wants to take my hand
Holding to every little ounce of strength,
But who are you, who is he, where is she
I try for freedom and convinced people to way back into the world,
But no emotions have in the head,
People just sort of decide
That these things are going to exist.

Painfully I want the death of them,
From the moment you have no soul
You’re not a human being
Trying to pull myself up from this curse of life,
As the dark, gloomy night gently fades away;
I am far away in the road and I’m riding alone

© 2016 Emmanuel G. Mavros

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