Emmanuel G. Mavros

Emmanuel G. Mavros decided to be a producer/director since a very young age, when he saw Alain Delon’s film “Pour la peau d’un flic” (also known as “For a Cop’s Hide”). He studied Film and television production in Southbank University of London and took his Master of Arts degree at University of Patra, in Greek Civilization. Emmanuel G. Mavros is a Film/TV Director – Producer and writer. He is a member of Directors Guild in Greece and E.T.I.T.A Union of Private Television in Greece also members of F.E.R.A. (Federation of European Film Directors). He has over 18 years of experience in media industry.

He started his career in 1997 at Alpha Television Network as a permanent producer/director in news department. He was responsible to provide creative input, working closely with the newscast producers and production crew. He was also responsible for clean technical creative execution of the overall look of the news stories. In 2000 he joined Alter Channel Network as Producer/Director and run 2 news documentary shows supporting a superstar host in Greece, Costas Hardavellas. The shows entitled “Gates of Unexplained” and ” Invisible World” provided stories from ancient mystery themes, history, factual dramas and minority report issues. 

He was responsible to direct multi cameras in studio and filming with one camera in locations, to approve scripts, story-boarding each story and preparing graphics elements cooperating with graphics department and finally he recommending and directing talents and managing budgets, for all episodes. These 2 projects came to end in 2011 when Alter Channel Network has officially gone bankrupt after economical crisis in Greece. In parallel from 2008 to 2011, he co-operated with Orama New Age production company as a freelancer creative director. This cooperation was the beginning of his acquaintance with the advertising industry. He there run 4 projects on behalf of Cartier, Public, Camel and the Mall Athens. 

He was the creative leader and supported the team of designers, artists, copywriters, sales teams and marketers to create production events or themed nights for a product or product sold.

In 2012, he signed a 5-years contract with IYQ Media Agency in Amman, Jordan. His position was Executive Director in TV Programming. His responsibilities were to buy television programs such as shows, dramas and movies and sell them with appropriate on air promotion to various Arabic television networks’ clients. Unfortunately, in July of 2013 he was forced to give up the company for personal issues. The unexpected death of his father created several obligations in Greece, such as pending economic arrangements, family property arrangements etc, which did not allow him to stay in Amman.

In September 2013 he signed a one year contract with Crete Television Network in Greece, based in Iraklion city, as Creative Director consultant, in order to change the whole on air image. He was responsible to lead, inspire, motivate and manage a diverse team of creative’s, producers and talents. He directed, designed, edited television live and tape programs, on-air promotion and social media campaigns. Conceptualized, produced, designed and supervised all promotional materials for clients, wanting to be advertised on Crete TV.

When his contract ended with the Crete TV, he signed a full time job at Expus ltd, a company outside of media industry. Expus is a trading and logistics company which deals with the wholesale of consumer electronics, PC gadgets and mobile accessories products. He signed as Creative director to support Advertising and Marketing department. His responsibilities was to shoot, design and produce creative elements for the company products. He executed promotional strategies in social media, VOD for YouTube and advertising prints to support and promote company products, including spots, ads, models and other initiatives. In addition he produced supporting material and design elements to help the sales department and helped the marketing team in copy-writing.

Emmanuel G. Mavros - Sonata

He left Iraklion and Crete in 2016 and got back to Athens looking for a break in his career and a breath in order to research new artistic endeavors in stage theater and cinema that he love. He wrote two best-seller novel books in Greece and till today, he work on various projects as a freelancer film/TV/Stage director, creative personnel and producer.

From 2000 till today he produced and directed four short films, winning 3 awards in international film festivals, and directed two plays for famous stage theater in Athens, Greece. In parallel he cooperated with University of Patra and Akmi and Domi college as a lecturer of directing and screenwriting.

Now he is following faithfully the film and theatre industry, directing, producing, and writing projects.

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