“317” Director’s Statement

The word pain is very small in front of such a disaster.

Kommeno a little village from Arta in Greece, experienced barbarity at its horrific worst. It also paid for tragic mistakes made not only by the partisan fighters but also by the local village authorities and over the years the people of Kommeno village witnessed the irresponsibility of the political leadership.

The stories of these people shocked me.

The irresponsibility and indifference of a coordinated state and on the other hand the Nazi criminality had to be gathered in a material that the last survivors of the massacre need to make their last statement.

Truths, pain and nightmarish memories bring the horror to their eyes again, through the survivors’ testimonies of the disaster, wondering if any of the Nazis has ever paid the price or has been punished for the abominable murders. Who? When? And How? The survivors always have a bitter smile on their lips and their eyes are screaming a mute terror, when memories become words.
The main purpose of these film material is to give a final testimony, a final respect to our history and culture not only as European citizens but as wide word humanist will have to all these historical archive that collected in this film, to be the most valuable lesson, in order for the theory of humanism to become a wide act around the globe. And if this is a responsibility of all people around the world, then anyone can see how great the responsibility of the Europeans is, who are the heirs of the enlightenment, renaissance and humanism movements.

Emmanuel G. Mavros

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