Quotation – “From the Child Without a Trace of Sin” 5

Dreams I never accepted,
So infinite, I still reside within.
Voices sound all around me,
Even in my simplest dreams.
I suffocate in sleep’s sweet embrace,
Afraid of entering into something better,
And living again in a nightmare,
Good or bad, it matters not;
Whilst all around me shout
“There are no more dreams”
“There are no more dreams”
They shout it loudly!
Sleep overtakes me once again.
A nightmare, filled with images
Plucked from my mind…
Endless screams…
Walking alongside Death,
In friendship he shouts,
“Do not fear anymore”…
And thus, new adventures begin.
I should have forgotten all the other nights.
My body should never relax,
Whilst I ponder and question
The existence of something even more precious than God.
Something that I must grasp,
That creates no fear and no illusions,
That changes colours and shadows.
And I wonder…
All of this cannot be based on luck
As long as the dream goes on.
I will probably exist,
There are so many things I must ponder,
Living this nightmare…
So much so that I shout
“I don’t believe me”
But you thirst for the truth,
You seek to reach higher,
Higher even than death
In hope of finding an answer to the mystery,
In and of my endless dreams.
Help me, help me learn about the truth
That might reveal my future.
Save me, save me from my wounded self
And the endlessness of my dreams.
There are those,
Who live above all of this,
All these dreams,
These so-called dreams,
These incredible nightmares,
Who do not give a clue,
As to how I can avoid them.
Perhaps I will be given a chance
In another life,
Or within my own nightmare,
To leave or to return,
To find the opportunity,
To find the gate to freedom and,
After centuries, reincarnated,
To play the same game,
Again, and again,
With these endless dreams.

— © Emmanuel G. Mavros “From the child without a trace of sin”

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