Quotation – “From the Child Without a Trace of Sin” 8

From the Child Without a Trace of Sin

An ill-dressed old man, weary of the city’s ugliness, walks alone on the road. He feels his surroundings pressing in on him, seeing pollution and the rotting stink of trash everywhere – oh dear, even in my home. He falls to the ground, tries to shout, and begs for help, but …nothing. He might be dying, but …nothing. Desperately searches for a hand to help him up, but… nothing!
The old man dies… Life in the great city continues as before, nothing important has happened… Thank God it didn’t happen to me… And in any case, it was nothing important, just his fate.

You and I are the founders.
We must not rest,
We must not give up in the end.
The world is stripped bare and is vanishing from our sight.
You and I.
We must attempt
To see the good within the evil.
No miracles will happen here
Our only hope is ourselves,
Our life a shield against the madness.
We seek not for followers.
We do not trust to luck in calling out.
We seek those who can communicate,
Those who have kept their humanity,
Those who can believe in the truth.
There can be no mercy when one revolts,
When one descends on the city’s streets.
Pain contains no nourishment, Paradise does not exist
And the world dares not drink its blood
In place of a little wine.
Only you and I exist in the world.
Speak to me then of a world that does not pity,
Or am I asking for too much?
All I ask, the only thing that can help me stand
Is to see those who possess humanity,
Those who can believe in the truth.
Girl, you see your safety as a gift,
And it is coming, it exists for you – and it is harsh.
But you cannot fight the pain, you cannot gamble
Without losing the love within you.
And forget not that you and I,
And all who believe in us,
Know that we are the last guides on this journey.
And so your heart is pained
When you cannot show me someone
Who needs help.
Someone who can speak of humanity,
Someone who believes in the truth.
My dear, living in a world that feels no pity,
Do you think I ask for too much
In asking for someone who can believe my heart,
Someone who believes in humanity,
Someone who believes in the truth?

— © Emmanuel G. Mavros “From the child without a trace of sin”

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